Our innovative, proprietary model provides financial advantages to payors and providers by creating value for patients.

Ambulatory Center of Excellence (ACE)Network

Our platform facilitates new levels of accessibility, experience and savings transparency.

Bridgedcare creates Ambulatory Center of Excellence (ACE)™ Networks in select markets across the United States. Each network consists of leading surgeons and credentialed surgery centers participating in Bridgedcare programs and committed to delivering high-quality, low cost-effective care to patients.

Shifting care from hospital to ambulatory settings drives down the total cost of care. Our cloud-based technology utilized by participating Ambulatory Center of Excellence (ACE)™ Network facilities enables providers to efficiently schedule and coordinate surgeries to provide better accessibility and out-of-pocket savings for patients.


SurgerySavings is a direct-to-consumer, qualified discount program that reduces patient costs. Through our SurgerySavings qualified discount program, patients are offered discounts and information to make cost-informed choices for elective surgical procedures and steered to our Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE)™ Network platform affiliates.

Discounts on facility charges put money back in patients’ pockets, and access to patient testimonials and provider quality measures gives patients the ability to make informed, value-based decisions about their health care.