The Value Equation


Patients are 45% less likely to acquire an infection at an ASC.
“SSI Rates: Hospitals vs. ASCs,” Becker’s Clinical Leadership & Infection Control (2014)


Patients say they have a 92% satisfaction rate with both the care and service they receive from ASCs.
“ASCs: A Positive Trend in Health Care,” Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (2011)


There is a 60% cost differential between hospital outpatient departments and ASCs.
“Study: Commercial Insurance Cost Savings in Ambulatory Surgery Centers,” Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (2016)


Advocating for consumers, Bridgedcare brings patients accurate information and real incentives to make informed choices and enjoy significant personal out-of-pocket savings.


By helping providers serve patients in more appropriate settings, the Network systematically reduces the total cost of care. And through strategic partnerships and programs, Bridgedcare helps providers navigate towards value-based care.


Bridgedcare invites excellent surgical facilities and surgeons to participate in ACE Networks™. ACE Networks are Ambulatory Centers of Excellence serving a local area with a full-range of surgical services. Using advanced techniques, we attract patients to consider working with ACE Network surgeons. Patients are motivated through our SurgerySavings™ program and armed with accurate information to make better healthcare choices resulting in high patient satisfaction, outcomes improvements and reduced costs for all.

Targeting specific markets, Bridgedcare seeks to reduce the total cost of care while improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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